Monday, January 7, 2008

Why Do People Dream?

We dream because the wise unconscious that regulates the functionalism of our bodies can treat the human conscience and help it fight against the anti-conscience without its interference, as is the case when we are awake.

In your dreams, the unconscious gives you directions, warnings and psychotherapy. You need them, because insanity is inherent in the anti-conscience that constantly tries to destroy your human side. While you are sleeping, you can be in contact with the unconscious that works like a doctor in your psyche and sends you dreams in order to provide you the guidance you need.

Dream interpretation must be a daily activity for you, in the same way that you do several other things every day, because it only helps. However, this will help you even if you don't write your dreams down regularly or even if you only care for your dreams when you have problems.

Your dreams belong to you; they talk about your life.

Dreams inform and help you in several ways, especially because you are not as rational as you imagine and because even your logic is absurd.

Perhaps you have to develop your feelings; perhaps you must learn to be realistic. The unconscious knows exactly what you need to understand and what has to be corrected in your behavior, so that you'll be always calm, wise and happy with yourself.

These messages are symbolic in nature because your anti-conscience shall not learn what the unconscious reveals to your human side, otherwise it would distort these messages and you would not have any protection against the anti-conscience.

There is a primitive awareness inside you that is not human but evil. Existence is a difficult matter and this was inevitable. Life is a big challenge! With all the problems and the disappointments that the conscience had to face, it became nervous and violent; this is why it resulted in a monster.

You must learn how to interpret your dreams in order to protect your human conscience from the craziness that already exists in your psyche.
After this basic point, the unconscious is going to help you solve all the problems of your life. You'll always have a doctor and counsellor that will protect and guide you at your disposition, so that you'll follow the light of truth instead of walking in the darkness of your ignorance.

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