Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Understanding Dream Analysis and Interpretation

While it is true that no one knows the exact origins of dream analysis and interpretation, it is safe to assume that there has been some sort of dream analysis going on as long as their have been dreams. It is also a safe bet that dreams have been around as long as human beings have, and maybe even before.

For instance, some animals, such as cats and dogs, are known to dream, so it is probably true that our ancient ancestors had dream worlds of their own.

No one knows the content of these early dreams of course, or how early humans reacted to them. At first, humans probably reacted with fear to find themselves in unfamiliar territory, facing unfamiliar objects and places.

It is known that many ancient cultures saw no distinction between the world of dreams and the world of physical reality. In these cultures, the dream world was simply an extension of the physical world.

As a matter of fact, many cultures throughout history have placed a greater level of importance on the dream world than on the physical world. Dreams were often imbued with magic powers, and many people thought that dreams were a way for the soul to commune with the spirit world while the body got its much needed rest.

Dream interpretation may have been around for as long as dreams have been, but archeologists have discovered that dream interpretation is at least 5000-6000 years old. That is because clay tablets dating back to 3000-4000 B.C. have been found, and these tablets detail dreams and their interpretation.

Even in today’s world, dream analysis and interpretation continues to be a source of wonder, inspiration and even healing. Psychologists and therapists often use dream analysis as part of their careers, and dream interpretation has been used in modern times to treat victims of trauma and help them heal.

In the ancient world, dream interpretation has a long and storied history. Some of the earliest mentions of dreams and dream analysis occur in the Bible, and the Bible contains more than 700 references to dreams and their meanings.

The world of the ancient Greeks and Romans was also fascinated with dreams and what they meant. The Greeks and Romans often saw dreams as a way for their gods to connect with mortals, and the messages contained in dreams were carefully examined and taken very seriously.

Greek and Roman politicians and warriors employed dream interpreters to provide analysis of the dreams of soldiers, generals and politicians, and the results of this dream analysis was used to influence political and military decisions.

The ancient Egyptians also saw religious significance in dreams, and those who could interpret and analyze dreams, as well as those whose dreams were particularly vivid or significant, were given special status in Egyptian society.

Dream interpretation and analysis continues to enjoy a special place in the modern world. After Sigmund Freud revolutionized the world of dream analysis more than a century ago, a new era of dream interpretation was ushered in, and dream research continues to evolve and grow at a rapid pace.


Unknown said...

My son passed away recently and at hia funeral I asked him to let me hear his voice but when he came to me in my dream his eyes were sewn shut he whispered he loved me half my hand and touched my face.....what does this mean???

jameika optimistic me said...

He held my hand

jameika optimistic me said...

He held my hand

Nylufar Rima said...

I dreamt seeing my left eye on the mirror where it was quite bigger than reality. and the color was bluish black.but my actual eye color is dark brown. and I saw the iris of my eye changing form and it was turning inward but white part was just the same. it was like I could feel it.what does that mean??

Unknown said...

I had a dream regarding a child with a blue eye and a green eye that congratuleded me on a winning of a jackpot at a casino

Marvia O'neal said...

I just dreamed that I was laying in bed and my eyes and mouth were suddenly covered by hands....I immediately woke up.