Friday, January 4, 2008

Dream of the Life You Want, Then Make it Happen!

Look around you. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, just take a moment and stop to take a look around you. Look at what you are wearing, what you are driving, what you are watching...Everything you see is a result of someone's dream. You see the real evidence of an idea that started in someone's awareness, and they made it happen.
We all have these kinds of dreams inside of us. We all have ideas that swim around in our heads and hearts, yet what do most of us do about them? Nothing. We just continue to plod along in our lives yearing to live a life different than what we are living, until eventually we just give up dreaming and become cynical and jaded believing that life sucks then you die.
It is the ones who hold on to their dreams and pursue them with reckless abondon that achieve greatness. They know without a doubt they can do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true. Talk to anyone who has "made it" and they will all tell you the same thing...they had a vision for themselves and pursued it no matter what obstacles came up...and boy, were there obstacles! The ones who made it will tell you they would never trade one second of the struggles to get to where they are, because it was the process they had to go through in addition to their own dreams that made them who they are.
Dreaming is essential, because if you don't have the visions and the ability to go beyond what you see as tangible, then you don't know what to go for. "Dream" implies that which is not yet tangible or real.
So, to make a dream real, one has to first have the vision to begin with. This is the first part of the equation. Next is belief. You have to believe in yourself more than anything else because at times it will be all you have to hold onto when the world around you isn't supporting your vision. Finanally is action. Persistent and committed all out action to make your dreams come true for as long as it takes! If something isn't working, change and refine that aspect until it works. The key is to never let go of your vision, this is your guiding light. Hold onto it no matter what challenges come your way. If you have the faith and belief in yourself that you can accomplish what you are dreaming about, no matter what, then your success is inevitable. Though, I will tell you, you WILL be tested. How bad do you really want what you are dreaming about??
It is the Dreamers that make this world work, but not the people that just stay stuck in their dreams, but those who take consisent action and actually DO SOMETHING with their dreams. This is the difference!
What kind of dreamer are you?
About the author:Josh Liteky is an entrepreneur, lifestyle design consultant, writer, success coach, and overall lover of life. He specializes in assisting people live extraordinary lives of financial and health freedom. Visit his websites at and Article Source:

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