Wednesday, January 9, 2008

6 Tips to Help You Face Diseases and Depression - Discovering Health and Happiness

Diseases, hospitalizations, surgical operations and similar situations can cause depression to all who experience them, either if they are experiencing it themselves or if it is someone close to them. Diseases are very depressing...

How can someone find the courage to face the worst diseases, or even those that can be cured but with time, many efforts, expenses, etc.?

There are infinite examples of diseases and conditions that really cause sorrow. Their appearance kills their victims even while they are still alive.

How can someone survive and have the courage to continue this way? Life is already too difficult even when we are healthy. With a disease, everyone tends to lose hope and shrink into a deep depression.

If you are facing a disease or you are sad, without health or freedom, here is my advice to help you overcome everything and become happy and healthy.

1. A disease (or condition) is caused by a mistake made by you. It works like a natural punishment. Your body is attacked because of the mistakes of your mind. You can learn about and correct your mistakes by interpreting your dreams using the right method. You can receive guidance and therapy directly from the unconscious that not only creates dreams to protect you from craziness but also regulates the functionalism of your body.

2. You can interpret dreams to calm down and find the courage to continue, develop your conscience and become more intelligent.

3. This source of psychotherapy using dream interpretation will already help you greatly. You won't feel depressed, completely abandoned or lost. You will discover a free personal doctor at your disposition in your own mind, sending you dreams with messages that carefully guide and cure you, by showing you why you are sick and what you must do to recuperate.

4. If you believe in God, trust your faith because discoveries made at the end of the last century are proofs of His existence. Moreover, the wise unconscious is saintly and this proves the existence of sanctity and its healing powers.

5. Your sad experiences are stopping you from living a futile life, and they are making you evaluate the meaning of your existence. You are not eluded with dreams of happiness in this crazy world where selfishness and violence govern and where obstacles prevent us from being happy. Now you start seeing the horrors of life and all its impossibilities: you are wiser and more mature. From now on, you will be very careful and pay attention to what is good, without complaining for insignificant matters.

6. Believe that you will regain your health and happiness and all will be wonderful for you, even if you are ready to die and everything is awful in your life because a very big change will happen in your life as soon as you start caring for your dreams.

There is a connection between your life and your dreams and this connection is always active, but you must care for your dreams and learn how to translate the symbolic dream language into sentences that you can understand.

The unconscious mind constantly tries to protect your conscious mind from craziness by the anti-conscious. It constantly helps you develop your conscious and become completely intelligent and balanced. This is why you'll discover sensibility, optimism, health and happiness by following the wise guidance you receive in dreams.

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