Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dream Interpretation - The Unique Scientific Method

The unique and correct method of dream interpretation was discovered by the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung thanks to a research that was not only based on clinical experiences and analysis of many dreams but also on the examination of the symbolic rituals of the alchemists and the symbolism of their elements.

"An alchemist was a person versed in the art of alchemy, an ancient branch of natural philosophy that eventually evolved into chemistry and pharmacology. Alchemy flourished in the Islamic world during the Middle Ages, and then in Europe from the 13th to the 18th centuries." (

The alchemists were trying to discover a way to transform metal into gold. However, what was important was not what they were actually doing in their chemical experiments, but the transformation of what was material in something else that didn't have material dimensions.

Just as Jung found information about dream interpretation by studying several dreams, artistic manifestations and the strange alchemists, I discovered the hidden meaning of many symbols Jung could not translate. I achieved this by interpreting my own literature, especially the book I wrote over six and a half years, after a terrible car accident, during a period when I was a complete atheist.

I had lost my faith after the accident, but the meaning of the book I was writing helped me keep the moral values I had learned in the Catholic school where I studied.

I continued Jung's abandoned research in the unknown psyche many years later, and I discovered the wild side of the human conscience that causes craziness to the human side. This way I could clearly interpret everything that Carl Jung didn't understand.

Not only could I find many scientific proofs in the technique used for the translation of dream symbols, but I also discovered that we can be informed about our present reality, psyche, other people and the future by interpreting our daily life scenarios in the same way we interpret dreams.

The interpretations are confirmed by several facts and transformations in our lives that fit with what was explained or predicted in dreams.

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.
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