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Explaining a Dream of Murder

Having a Dream of Murder?

Individuals with dreams of murder or suicide will sometimes get easily agitated or have resentment towards someone. Many times, these can be treated with alternative remedies rather than traditional ones. If you want to find a solution that doesn't require expensive medication, here are some tips that may help.

  • Chamomile into a bath
  • Kava Kava or Valerian root
  • Increase dopamine levels by increasing your intake of B vitamins
  • Chamomile tea before bedtime
  • Lavender essential oils in the bath
  • Drinking peppermint
  • Powdered lavender incense
Nightmare Murder Meanings

Another interesting finding around dream analysis is when dreamers stop trying so hard to get a true meaning they go away on their own. Nightmares that have Dreaming of murder can often serve as a release and you may wake up in a friendlier world, feeling somewhat relieved. If you or your mate toss in bed that night, sleeping terribly and dreaming of murder a therapist can begin to investigate the murder of a patient's dream for a more precise meaning.

Interpretation Daytime Activities

A dream of murder is very hard to figure out exactly what it means. Analyzing your murder story will likely not relate to actually committing the crime of killing someone. Usually it can be connected to a recent activity in your conscious day. If you are someone that really needs to have a dream meanings murder explained read on and hopefully this article will offer some insights.

What is behind such thoughts of murdering someone probably comes down to the last 48 hours of your life. Likely there will be a relationship between that and your murder dreams. What you can recall likely will have a special significance when trying to interpret your murder dream. More times than not a dream of murder has something to do with unfinished business or unresolved problems during your waking day.

MURDER: When you have a committed the crime in a dream of murder it is back luck. Especially with younger people. The nature of this dreaming of murdering someone is symbolic of losing your temper towards people that have no moral values or scruples.

GUN: If there is an injustice done to you or a family member it is foretold by the firing of a pistol, gun shotgun or high caliber firing arm. When you hear the sound of a gunshot it is a sign of unrest

KILLING. If someone is killed in your dream and you are a terrified witness to the crime, you will change your place of abode and be sorry for it. 'lb dream of killing a person, whether purposely or by accident, is an omen that you will be criticized for bad manners.

In our conscious life we understand that homicide is unlawful. Killing another human being is usually the result of arguments, Drugs, Robbery or crimes of passion. There are two kinds of murder at defined by the judicial system: murder 1 (in the first degree) and murder 2 (in the second degree). Does any of this relate to having a murder dream? Yes. in the sense of our conscious mind being aware of consequence. The waking acknowledgment that a dream of crime, homicide, dream of murder are not acceptable in society.

At night you may dream of murder and death. This is what it means to dream of murder. When your problem is reoccurring it is a good plan to seek professional advice. When and effected patient brings a dream of murder to professionals it is taken seriously. Some patients honestly believe that they are going to commit this act. Rarely is that the case. Finding a symbolic meaning is often not what you think it is.


Mental heath care professionals will often use hypnoses to recovered memory movement. Is it many times the best way to find the underlying truth! When under hypnosis you may also find other psychological issues that are causing dreaming of murder.

Unfortunately our subconscious mind crosses into our conscious world. This is a human brain behavior that we have no control over. An example of undesirable dreams that are related to being a murderer is an adult woman that was abused by her father as a child. She may have a dream of murder and castration of the abuser (Her father). With the right medical care and analysis this frightening, reoccurring dream can be overcome.

Dream Murderer Meaning:

If you dream of murdering someone you know, then this dream may reveal your hidden feelings of resentment towards that person. Similarly, the person being murdered could represent an aspect of yourself that you are trying to repress or destroy. What is it about yourself that you are trying to kill off? If you are the one being murdered, then this may show how you are at the mercy of your emotions. Perhaps you have repressed your instincts that are now seeking vengeance.

Other Dream Meanings

FIORD- You may look forward to calm, peaceful days in a happy home if you dream of sailing on a fiord of Norway or on any other narrow bay with mountains on either side.

SILO- Taking contents from a silo in a dream is a sign that you must avoid overindulgence in whiskey, gin and other hard liquors. A silo on fire is a warning against waiting too long before paying your bills.

By Maggie May Johnston

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Maggie studies paranormal activity as a hobby. Dreams are one of the most mysterious and revealing abilities that people have. Experts estimate that when we dream we use the other 2 thirds of the brain that we do not use in our conscious state. That is fascinating, especially when you can tap into some of that sub-conscious power.


switch said...

I was in bootcamp when I dreamed of a toddler's murder. In my dream I was at my grandma's in New York, there is a screened in room at the back. I walked down to the room and was looking out at the field to the trees far beyond. A toddler came to the door in a dirty diaper. He was not wearing anything else. I went to see what was wrong and when I stepped out of the door I was stepping onto an empty city street. I was facing a police precinct and I think it was 16, this was in July or August 1989 as that is when I was in bootcamp but the exact date I am not sure. The baby was walking across the parking lot and I tried to go see if I could help. I called to him but he did not hear me apparently, as he continued to walk. He crossed over the street on the same side of the street as the police station and onto the vacant lot. He went behind a billboard that was low to the ground. I followed. When I looked behind the billboard a small group of people were gathered and all looking down at something. I did not see the baby. I asked a woman if she had seen him but she ignored me. I went to the center of the group to see what they were all looking at as nobody was talking and saw the half-covered with dirt toddler. He was in the position of one who is attempting to climb out of a hole. A man in a long black trench coat said there was dirt in his lungs so he must have tried to climb out while he was being buried alive. I woke up so fast. Then when I got to California I was returning from a run when I heard the TV on in my quad, my room mates were watching a TV show about a woman who was saying her husband had buried their toddler son alive because he did not want to pay child support. The baby had dirt in his lungs and her husband confirmed to the police that he had fought to get out of the hole and screamed and cried while his daddy was burying him. This is one of many dreams I have had of murders, I do not know if they all happen as apparently the news is not interested in reporting child murders.

Gabrielle Petree said...

I was standing side by side with a line of casual but nice dressed people. A man standing beside me with glasses and red short curly hair had a man in a black mask walk up behind him and slit his throat... :( Next, the man in the black mask was walking up behind me and said Your Next and I ran like hell... So I'm a spiritual believer in Christ Jesus and the Father God and the Holy Spirit. The view in front when all this was happening was of Gods house (A Church). I would like to know what that means.