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Free Dream Interpretation Dictionary Online

At some time or another, we have all woke from a dream that leaves us feeling unsettled, happy, excited, sad, or just plain confused. Although many psychologists and neurologists disagree on where dreams come from and what they mean, there is a long history of people interpreting dreams in order to make sense of their real lives.

In order to look into dream interpretation, it does not matter if you believe dreams are the subconscious at work; your brain working to record the day’s memories; or some combination of REM (rapid eye movement), brain stem activity, and subconscious thought. A dream interpretation dictionary online that is free to access can help set your mind at ease regarding any dreams you may have had. Even if you are just curious and do not truly believe in dream interpretation, you can use an online dream dictionary for entertainment.

Most people dream when asleep, whether or not they remember the actual content of their dreams. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, it may help to keep a dream journal or diary. As soon as you wake, lie still in bed and try to remember what you dreamed about. Do not think about anything else. Keep the journal next to your bed and write down your dreams as soon as you remember them.

Online Dream Dictionaries

To start interpreting your dreams, you can use a number of online dictionaries. Most dictionaries work by having you look up the overriding theme of your dream. For example, if you dreamt about being pregnant, look up "pregnancy." Most dreams can be cross referenced, based upon their subject matter. Dreaming about being naked at work and giving a presentation can result in looking up keywords like "nudity," "speech," "anxiety," and "work."

Because experts and sources interpret dreams differently, you may want to keep several dictionaries on hand when beginning your dream interpretation. If you find one source that seems to consistently give you meaningful interpretations, use this as your main guide.

Visit the following free online dictionaries to get started deciphering your dreams:

Dream Dictionary from Brilliant Dreams: This extensive dictionary is included on a sleep and dream supplement site. Although yourDictionary does not advocate taking any medications without consulting your doctor, you can use the site’s dictionary in order to help make sense of your dreams. If you dreamt about a pistol, the dictionary gives two meanings, one of working towards a goal and one of defending oneself. It also references you to the guns entry in order to get a more complete interpretation.

Dream Dictionary at MSN Astrology: Brought to you in conjunction with astrocenter.com, this dictionary has a long listing of symbols and their various interpretations. Looking up snake gives two interpretations, one of inner changes and one of power or excitement. Also listed are the astrological and tarot parallels, helpful information for those interested in those fields.

Dream Dictionary from New Age Directory: A matter-of-fact interpretation of common dream symbols. For example, this dictionary notes that dreaming of a wedding before an actual one is to be expected, and that dreaming of kissing a faceless stranger indicates a desire being met.

Predictions Dream Dictionary: A well-organized dictionary with several extra features, this is a very user-friendly website. Search for your dream by category, letter, or keyword. This site includes a list of the top 10 dream symbols, and you can even sign up for the “Dream Decoder” newsletter. If you are interested in writing your dreams down, use their worksheet that can be found by clicking on "Dream Notes" and following the instructions.

Further Information on Dream Interpretation

Learning how to interpret your dreams can be a fun pastime that gives you clues into your inner self. Use the free online dream dictionaries to get started, and do some research on your own if you find yourself intrigued by dream interpretation.

To find out more about interpreting dreams and how dreams can work in your real life, visit your local library or bookseller. The following books may be of interest to you:

The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud
The Scientific Study of Dreams: Neural Networks, Cognitive Development, and Content Analysis by G. William Domhoff
The Undiscovered Self with Symbols and the Interpretation of Dreams by C. G. Jung and R.F.C. Hull
Dreaming: An Introduction to the Science of Sleep by J. Allan Hobson
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Mz. Madness. said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could interpret my dream for me. I dreamt I made out with my friend in a back room next to a carrot field while my husband was in the carrot field around Christmas time. Then other stuff happened that wasn't important and fuzzy and it was Halloween and I was running past all these costumed/masked people to find my husband. Then it went slightly black as I kept running and a letter was read out loud in my voice if I was maybe 10 years older. I was talking to a baby in the letter, my baby, just innocent loving stuff and at the end called her my "princess of darkness" I think because she was born around Halloween. Then I woke up but that very last second I was wondering who's baby it was and I just feel so awful now. Like ashamed and confused cause in the dream I wasn't going to ever tell my husband.

Mz. Madness. said...

Also all the costumes and background was black while I was running. But before that around Christmas almost everything was cream colored. If that makes a difference.

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