Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dreaming About People

People often wonder if the people encountered in dreams are actual, real people, or simply manifestations of their own personality and emotions. Most modern dream interpretation holds that the people in dreams are not actual people at all, but rather symbols for parts of your own personality.

Therefore, the bubbly, exuberant blonde in your dream may into be a real person at all, but rather a side of your personality that you have been afraid to express.

Likewise, negative people encountered in dreams are often manifestations of those parts of the personality that you are ashamed of or wish to repress. Therefore, dreaming of a person you do not like could mean that you need to alter your thinking and be more open minded and accepting of others.

When examining the people in your dreams, it is always a good idea to examine the personalities of these people and try to examine what they might be trying to tell you. Examining parts of your personality you do not like can be a positive result of dream interpretation.

When interpreting dreams about other people, it is important to remember that in the vast majority of cases dreams are about yourself, not about other people. Thus, the people you meet and interact with in your dreams are much more likely to be physical symbols of your own thoughts and desires as they are to be actual representations of actual people.

Therefore, interpreting dreams about other people can be a great way to work through personality and identity issues, and many psychologists and therapists use this approach to dream interpretation.

Of course there are instances in which the people you dream of really do represent actual people. Sometimes these people are relatives or friends who have passed on, while at other times they may be famous people or movie stars whom who have never met.

Dreams in which you meet movie stars or other famous people often represent a longing for something you want but cannot achieve. Sometimes the dream simply represents a conscious desire to meet the person in your dream, but most often the movie star represents something you have been striving for but failing to achieve. This kind of dream is often a way of urging you to try harder to reach your goals.

Many ancient cultures put great stock in dreams which featured departed relatives, and many of these cultures thought of the dream state as the time when the soul left the body to roam free in the spirit world. Even today, many people take dreams of departed relatives or friends very seriously, and they give these dreams many layers of meaning.

These types of spiritual dreams can indeed be very valuable to the dreamer, and a great source of comfort in a time of need. Whether they represent the convergence of souls on the other side, or just the unconscious desire to have the person back in their life, these dreams are some of the best and most fulfilling there are.

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