Friday, December 14, 2007

Dreams About Arms

Seeing arms, either your own or someone else’s in a dream is very common. While arms do not always have special significance in dreams, arms can be very significant under some circumstances.

Dreams in which details about arms remembered are likely to be significant, since it tends to be the most significant details that are remembered upon waking. Since dreams fade so quickly, if you are able to remember how arms figured in your dreams, chances are the dream had something important to tell you.

When you see your arms in a dream, especially when they represent an important part of the dream narrative, those arms may be symbols for your nurturing side, and for your desire to reach out and care for the people around you. Dreaming about arms is particularly common in people who are currently caring for, or worried about, a sick friend or family member. Reaching out with the arms in a dream is your mind’s way of telling you how important it is to connect and care for those around you.

Dreams about arms can also be indications of the challenges and struggles in your life. Again, the exact meaning will depend on the context of the arms within the dream narrative. Using your hands and arms for defense can indicate you feel like you are under attack, or that you need to defend yourself.

The impetus for this kind of dream about arms could come from many sources. For instance, perhaps you feel like you are being unfairly singled out for criticism in your job, and you feel a desire to strike back or defend yourself against the onslaught. Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed by events in your life, and you feel the need to struggle against those challenges.

Dreams in which your arm is injured, or dreams in which you appear with your arm in a cast, can signify that you feel an inability to care for yourself. These kind of injured or broken arm dreams an also mean that you are feeling helpless in being able to care for others. People who are caring for a friend or family member whose medical condition is beyond their control may experience dreams in which their arm is injured, or they may see themselves in a cast.

A dream about a broken or injured arm can also mean that the dreamer has been feeling restricted or limited in his or her activities. Seeing yourself constrained in the dream, by a cast or a broken arm, can be a symbol of your perceived restriction of freedom or movement.

The specific arm featured in the dream also carries a significance. The right arm is often seen as a symbol for an outgoing nature, and the right arm is often associated with the masculine side of the dreamer’s nature. The left arm, on the other hand, is more associated with female characteristics, such as nurturing and caring.


Amanda said...

What if you have a dream about only seeing someone's arm? You know that you know that person but they're sitting in a seat and all that you see is their arm. You never see their face or anything but you remember their arm. What does that mean?

alex ceraolo said...

I dreamt that I got a thorn in my right forearm, does that have any specific meaning?

lisa said...

I had a dream where there were arms coming out of my laundry hamper and they were trying to grab me and take me away. Can you interpret it?

Elizabeth Flores said...

I just woke up from the worce dream ever :-( I dream that I whent to my a uncles house and that he had a little water park inside his house and that my BFF and my bf came with me to his house and I bought my BFF a drink with alcohol and after a while we all met up in the living room and it seemed like a party well my bf was laying down on a sofa when this random girl started flirting with his and he went along with the girl and I was siting right Infront if them too and I got mad and pulled him away from her but he couldn't even hold him self up I guess he was drunk but the thing is he didn't drink thru my dream then when he sober up a little I asked him what that was about and he deny it he said he couldn't remember then I woke up..

J Morri said...

I had that exast same dream but with lots of different size thorns I had to pull out of my arm

nick snope said...

I had one where I was laying with a group of friends, I made a funny joke and they laughed. Then the person on the right passed a bag with candy in it. I grabbed one and when I did I realized a hole on my left should that wasn't quite infected yet. So I was irritated and went to take a shower. It was in the house I grew up in, but with people I didn't know.

Amber Page said...

I had a dream that my arms looked as though they belonged to an anorexic. It literally looked like bones with a tight layer of skin and i felt like i couldnt move them or else they'd break! It made me feel ill! What does it mean?

Trihumanish Tarot said...

I dreamt my arms were huge...too huge for my body and they were very long. I looked like a gorilla that was not hairy. Also twice I dreamt that my left rore arm had a hole in it. The first time, two black scorpions came out. 5 years later I dreamt some sort of alien green pods that looked like slimey beans was in my left forearm and I squeezed them out...then my arm hold closed up so fast that I could not check to make sure they were all gone.